Quest 238

Quest 238 - Trials of the Battle MaidenEdit

Location - Budley Rock Zone, Ogreed Continent.
NPC - Human at F-6.
Requirement - Level 71+
Initial Reward - Level cap unlock 76+
Replay Reward -
EXP/Fame -
Starting NPC

Speak to the startign NPC who will indicate you need to defeat 1 Stoenman and 1 Zombie Dragon each. The Stonemen can be found very nearby at [x,y] Budley Rocks, Upper Jurai Isle, Lava Flow, Choppi Wilderness(?). Stoneman/golem. Badrial Stone SW. Day only.

Becon valley, Cursed Land, Goble West, Zaghban Hills. Dragon Zombie. Throne of Champions.

Kill one of each,

Mob 1, Zombie Dragon.
Mob 2, Stoneman