Quest 31

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Quest 31 - 冒険者の酒場へようこそ!(Welcome to the Adventurer's Tavern!)

Location - Any Tavern
Requirement - Starting Village Story cleared
Initial Reward - NPC Player Recruitment Unlocked / Gleeban Gold Piece
Replay Reward - 2x Single phial
EXP/Fame - 1920P / 17P
  • The NPC will request a Birdsong Nectar (さえずりのみつ). This can easily be bought by going on the train and going to Entertainment Island Luckland and buying it from the material shop in the building from the middle of the island.
  • Returning to any of the Tavern NPCs and giving them the item will clear the quest

Step by step guide:

  • Talk to any Tavern NPC and accept Quest 31


  • Once you arrive, enter the central building. (Should be right in front of you)

  • Talk to this this NPC

  • And buy one Birdsong Nectar (さえずりのみつ).

  • Go back to a Tavern (Use your Zoom Stone if needed) and finish your Quest. You can also visit Recruiting Companions (NPC) if you need guidance for recruiting NPC Companions.