Common Error Messages

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This page is dedicated to various warnings/errors you might experience when interacting with the client or in-game and what they mean. The descriptions below are not literal translations, but interpretations of what to do.

Warning dqx already running.png

Dragon Quest X is already running. Operate the window that already exists. (You can't have two instances of DQX open)

Warning controller changes.png

(This screen will also appear as all question marks if you don't run DQX through a locale emulator or have your system locale configured for Japanese)

There have been controller changes recently. This is seen when the game launches. You may have either plugged a new controller in or disconnected/reconnected an existing controller. If you use DS4Windows, make sure you have it open as DQX is recognizing your controller as a new device. You have the option of clicking "コンフィグを開く" to open the configuration window and reconfigure your controller settings or "閉じる" to close the window.

Warning character corrupted.png

"Detected a corrupted player list file and recreated the data. Sorry for the inconvenience, but please register the player again from "Add new player"."

You're likely playing with "Easy play" where your character data is saved to your computer. Either you moved the save from another computer to this one or something else happened to the save file that corrupted the data. Regardless, you're going to have to start over. It would be wise to register characters you are serious about playing to a Japanese Square Enix account so the your character data is protected.

Info version upgrade message.png

This message is letting you know that as of the version upgrade from October 24, 2019, several graphics changes have been made and are configurable in the settings menu. This message is just informational and no action is needed.

Warning afk.png

You were AFK for too long and are being disconnected from the game.