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DQX Clarity


DQXClarity, heretofore "Clarity", is an amazing program nothing short of wizardry.
This program is able to translate the user interface elements and inject the translation directly into the game.
When passed a translation service's API, the functionality is enhanced even further.
Without an API Key, the following are translated:

  • Menus
  • Items
  • Skill Names

With an API Key, the following are also translated:

  • Most NPC Dialogue that does not exist within a cutscene
  • Some cutscenes
  • The Records screen and the Quest Log there.
  • Monster Names
  • Player Names
  • Party Character Names
  • NPC Character Names
  • And other stuff!

Obtaining Clarity

Step 1

Point your web browser to Clarity's Github. Download the zipped file DQXClarity.

Step 2

Unzip Clarity anywhere that is not in C:\Program Files*

  • When you download and extract dqxclarity, your antivirus may trigger and flag the program as a virus. This is a false positive and can be ignored, but you may need to make an exception in your antivirus to mark the executable as OK
  • Clarity and Dragon Quest X need to be in the same elevation. If you are running DQX as an Administrator, you need to run dqxclarity.exe as an Administrator as well

Step 3

  • Open DQX and make sure your game is on the Announcements screen (the first notice you see when you launch the game)
  • Run DQXclarity.exe
  • If Python is not installed, you will be prompted to install it. Read the Powershell window for directions
  • If DQX is open, the game will translate
  • Minimize (do not close) the Powershell window and play
  • Any new sessions will require you to simply run dqxclarity.exe again

Step 4

Inserting your API key.
Launch Clarity and click the grey button labeled "API Service Settings"

  • If you are using Google Translate API, check the box for "Use Google Translate API" and paste your API Key in the box and click Save.
  • If you are using DeepL, but not paying a subscription, check the box for "Use DeepL Translate API", paste your API key in the box and click Save.
  • If you are using DeepL and are also paying a subscription, check the boxes for "Use DeepL Translate API" and "Use DeepL Prop APIs", paste your API key in the box and click save.

Step 5

Using Clarity
Launch Dragon Quest X and log into the game. Continue until you get to the Announcements page. This is the earliest you can launch Clarity. Launch Clarity. Wait a bit. Make some tea or refill you water or something.

Minimize the window and you're done!