Dye Flower Guide

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Dye Flowers are valuable materials needed to customize your character's appearance. They can be used to change the color of your costume -through NPCs at Fashion Street in Megistris-, your weapons -through the Alchemy Pot obtained during v2.3- and your dolboard -through NPCs at Fashion Street and at Gatara-.

There are multiple ways of obtaining these materials: growing them on your garden, via fish exchange, via lottery, or via the Bazaar.


The following dye flowers can be grown on your own garden, which makes them very cheap on the Bazaar.

Seed type Normal crop Rare crop Very Rare crop Growth time
Vanilla Lily Seed Vanilla Lily Pure Snow Lily Gold Lily 5 days
Dark Gray Lily Seed Dark Gray Lily Black Lily
Blue Lily Seed Blue Lily Emerald Lily
Pink Rose Seed Pink Rose Cherry Rose Wine Rose 5 days
Red Rose Seed Red Rose Amethyst Rose
Night Marie Seed Night Marie Gray-Blue Marie Aqua Marie 5 days
Olive Marie Seed Olive Marie Golden Marie
Brown Marie Seed Brown Marie Coral Marie
Virdian Camellia Seed Virdian Camellia Beige Camellia Blood Camellia 5 days
Poison Camellia Seed Poison Camellia Forest Camellia
Lettuce Camellia Seed Lettuce Camellia Sky Blue Camellia Aurora Camellia 5 days
Sour Orange Camellia Seed Sour Orange Camellia Cream Camellia
Latte Lily Seed Latte Lily Sunset Lily Pearl Lily 5 days
Orange Lily Seed Orange Lily Sungold Lily
Lavender Lily Seed Lavender Lily Mist-Gray Lily
Dark Plum Gerbera Seed Dark Plum Gerbera Violet Gerbera Light Blue Gerbera 5 days
Matcha Gerbera Seed Matcha Gerbera Clay Gerbera
Red Bean Gerbera Seed Red Bean Gerbera Strawberry Gerbera
Yellow Tulip Seed Yellow Tulip Chocolate Tulip Caramel Tulip 5 days
Jungle Tulip Seed Jungle Tulip Muscat Tulip
Treasure Seed Treasure Flower Silver Treasure Flower Gold Treasure Flower 3 days
Super Treasure Seed Sapphire Treasure Flower Ruby Treasure Flower Diamond Treasure Flower 3 days

Fish Exchange

The next four dye flowers can be acquired in exchange for Fish Coins at any Fish Exchange clerk. As they are easy to get, they are relatively cheap on the Bazaar.

Mimosa Dahlia Ice Blue Dahlia Silver Dahlia Rose Dahlia

Wena Islands Regular Lottery

These two dyes can only be obtained through the regular lotto draw in the Wena Islands. They tend to be expensive on the Bazaar.

Navy Dahlia Onyx Dahlia

Companion App Regular Lottery

The following dye flowers can be earned through the regular lotto draw from the DQX Companion App. They tend to be expensive on the Bazaar.

These dyes can also be obtained in exchange for Flower Gift Voucher and Flower Tickets.

Lemon Dahlia Canary Dahlia Amber Dahlia Vermilion Dahlia Light Pink Dahlia
Wisteris Dahlia Light Green Dahlia Mint Dahlia Pale Cyan Dahlia Sea Green Dahlia

SP Lottery

The following flowers can be acquired through the SP lotto draw. Due to their rarity, they are very expensive on the Bazaar.

These dyes can also be obtained in exchange for Flower Gift Voucher II and Flower Tickets.

Custard Dahlia Dark Green Dahlia White Dahlia Dark Blue Dahlia Pure Blue Dahlia
Purple Dahlia Magenta Dahlia Pale Plum Dahlia White Wisteris Dahlia Pale Pink Dahlia
Ruby Dahlia Garnet Dahlia Cork Dahlia Light Gray Dahlia Ash Dahlia
Rose Gray Dahlia Steel Dahlia Jet Black Dahlia

Flower Ticket-only

The following dyes can only be earned in exchange Flower Tickets, making them very rare and expensive.

Flax Dahlia Dark Brown Dahlia Dark Red Dahlia Mandarin Dahlia Deep Blue Dahlia
Green-Brown Dahlia Green Rust Dahlia Pale Dahlia Noble Gray Dahlia Grape Dahlia