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This is a page dedicated to translation of the menus within Dragon Quest X. Specifically the Main Command window that the player most commonly uses. NPC menus will be on their respective NPC page.

Main Menu[edit]

はなす Talk Talk to nearby NPCs or other Players.
じゅもん Spells Allow you to cast specific Spells outside of Battle.
どうぐ Items Your item disambiguation.
せんれき Records Allows you to access information about your adventure.
そうび Equipment Allows you to access your equipment bag.
しらべる Examine Examine nearby objects or signs.
つよさ Attributes Allows you to see your character's information and statistics.
さくせん Miscellaneous Lets you access and edit other pertinent information and settings.

Item Bag[edit]

つかうもの Items View your normal items here. (Consumables, materials, etc.)
ルーラストーン Zoomstones View and use your Zoomstones. If you're in a party, you can view and use your party member's Zoomstones as well.
エテーネルキューブ / アビスジュエル Ethenel Cube / Abyss Jewel Allows transport to certain areas.
おまとめぶくろ Summary Bag Shows a list of various currencies you can carry, such as fukubiki tickets and accessory shards.
れんきんがま Alchemy Pot Allows you to alchemize a variety of useful items.
クローバーバッグ Clover Bag A place where certain items obtained from the Cash Shop will be stored.
てがみ Letters If you have any saved letters, they can be viewed and thrown away here.
さかな Fish Any fish you catch will be stored here. You can show them off or release them.
モンスタータロット Monster Tarot ?
スタンプカード Stamp Card View the progress of your stamp cards.


はなす Talk Talk to nearby NPCs or other Players.
じゅもん Spells Allow you to cast specific Spells outside of Battle.
どうぐ Items Your item disambiguation.
せんれき Records A storage


まんたん Heal All Heals all party members as much as possible using party member's healing spells/skills. This will also revive any dead party members.
いろいろ設定 Settings Allows you to change various types of settings.
スキルふりわけ Assign Skill Points View your skill point trees and assign any unassigned skill points. (This option is colored yellow when you have unassigned skill points).
達人のオーブ Master Orb Opens the Master Orb interface, where you can assign obtained jewels to your current class or other classes you've unlocked.
サポートなかま Support Party View your hired companions, where you can set their status to standby or active, and set their behavior as well.
なかまモンスター Party Monster View the status of the monster you've chosen to accompany you.
冒険を中断する Log Out Logs you out of the game. If you've unlocked the adventurer's tavern, you can choose to register your current class for hire and set a comment or just log off normally. Logging off outside of a safe or rest area will take 10 seconds.
チーム Team View options regarding your current Team.
なかま Party View options regarding your current party.
フレンド Friend View options regarding your friends.
遊びたいことリスト Play Wish List A list that you can customize with different types of content you're looking to play. Other players can view this list.
遊び方ガイド How to Play Guide Shows various different types of content you can play, and the required version to play each one.
困ったときは? Help Shows various issues you may encounter and their solutions.