Quest 6

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Name Thoughts Into Flowers
Location Wind Town Azlan
Coordinates G-6
NPC Maetake
Requirements -
Initial Rewards
Experience 6240 P
Fame 26 P
Rewards Magic Water x5
Replay Rewards
Experience 1560 P
Fame 4 P
Rewards Evac-u-Bell x3
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next -


  1. Talk to Maetake (マエタケ) in Wind Town Azlan.
  2. Head to Azlan Region (アズラン地方) and defeat Foo Dog until one drops the Wind Lily (風音のユリ).
    • You can find them in the area around B2 - C4.
  3. Return to Maetake in Azlan.
  4. Talk to Fushiko (フシコ) at B5 and give her the Wind Lily.
  5. Report to Maetake to complete the quest.
A wild Foo Dog.