Quest 8

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Name Drifted Away Love Poem
Location Julet Town
Coordinates C2
NPC Mareve
Requirements None
Initial Rewards
Experience 6240 P
Fame 26 P
Rewards Pink Pearl x4
Replay Rewards
Experience 1560 P
Fame 4 P
Rewards Pale Pearl x2
Quest Progression
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  1. Speak to Mareve (マリーブ) in the beach of Julet Town to receive the quest. She will ask you to get an item for her.
  2. Head to King Ladis Island (ラーディス王島) and defeat some Pogoin' Penguins until they drop a Happiness Plume (幸せのはね).
    • The penguins live near the coast at C3.
  3. Return it to Mareve, who will give you Mareve's Letter (マリーブの手紙). She wants you to deliver it to Muron (ムーロン), located at Kyuranana Coast (キュララナ海岸) at F3.
  4. Return to Mareve to complete the quest.
A Pogoin' Penguin.