Quest 111

From Ethene
Name It's Food for Cats ネコにゴハンなのニャ
Location King Ladis Island
Coordinates C3 (Beach Hut)
NPC Myarji ミャルジ
Requirements Complete Quest 110
Previous Quest 110
Next Quest 112
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 32480 P -
Fame 52 P -
Rewards 5 Gold Nuglet 2 Gold Nuglet


  1. Talk to Myarji (ミャルジ) at the Beach Hut in King Ladis Island C3 to start the quest.
  2. Defeat some Octopot until one drops Cat Manma Fruit (ネコマンマの実).
  3. Once you have the fruit, bring it to Big Cat Nest, in the deepest area of Cat Island.
  4. Inside the nest, talk to Cat Momma to trigger an scene and finish the quest.