Quest 122

From Dragon Quest X
  • Quest Name: Start Hair Coloring
  • Quest Giver: Hairdresser Platine
  • Location: City of Megistris-Salon
  • Target  : Aloehaha
  • Reward  : Experience, Fame, Access to Hair Dresser.

After accepting the quest from the Salon Hair Stylist, head to Gatara Capital, the Dwarf town, from there go to Gatara Fields> Cheldea Mtn. Road > Goble Desert. From there head to C7/C8, you will find up against the zone wall the target you need, Aloehaha. They will look like one eyed dancing leaf's. If you need to recover from fighting there is the second dwarf city and a oasis nearby. Slay them until you get the item drop. Return to the Hairdresser in Megistris once finished for your reward.