Quest 122

From Ethene
Name Start Hair Coloring ヘアカラー始めます♪
Location Megistris City
Coordinates F4
NPC Hairdresser Platina 美容師プラティナ
Requirements -
Previous Quest -
Next Quest -
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 4140 P -
Fame 2070 P -
Rewards Access to the Salon
1 Free Hair Color change
1 Green Eye


This quest can be accepted in any salon, which can be found in Dolworm Kingdom, Megistris City, Kamiharmui South, Gartlant Castle Town, and Verinard Castle Town. For the purpose of this guide, we recommend going to Megistris City.

  1. Speak to Hairdresser Platina to receive the quest.
  2. You must defeat Aloehaha until they drop the Magical Essence.
  3. Return and speak to Hairdresser Platina to complete the quest.

After finishing this quest, you can start customizing your character!