Quest 179

From Ethene
The Coliseum's Secret Menu (コロシアムの裏メニュー)
Location Luckland Coliseum Basement
Starting NPC Jakov
Description -
Requirements Quest 177 Completed and Battle Master level 30 or above. 
Initial Reward Battlemaster Gloves, Battlemaster Greaves
Scroll of Experience - BTL(2)
20 points in every Battle Master Skill
Replay Reward 1275 EXP
EXP/Fame 2550 XP / 34
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 178 Next Quest Quest 180


  • Accept the quest from Jakov and he will ask you to participate in a special coliseum match. A cutscene will follow.
  • Go upstairs to the main desk and speak with Clark.
  • You will now do 3 consecutive battles solo. You’re HP and MP will be restored between fights. Round 1 is a Foo Dog, 2 is a Powie Yowie, and 3 is a Knight Errant.
  • Return to Jakov and turn in the quest