Quest 196

From Ethene
  • Quest Name: King's Decision
  • Quest Giver: Guran
  • Location: Village-Chiefs Home
  • Target  : The Chief.
  • Reward  : Experience, Fame, 6 Platinum Ores.

After accepting this quest. Head out and go to the quest marker located in the home NW from the chiefs house. Speak to the ogre old woman inside named Jeral. Say Yes in the conversation. Next head North past the weapon shop into the next home, and speak to Kossha. You will now be tasked with going to Cavern Large Cavity located in Daz Cavern in the Langao Mountains at E-6. Once you are inside the cavern simply head to the end of it reaching the north exit into the Cavity. You will get a cutscene. Evac out and return to the Village Chief's house and speak to Guran for your reward.