Quest 219

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Quest 219 - Dollar Board Tuning! (ドルボードチューニング!)

Location - Mountain City Gatara (岳都ガタラ) D4
NPC - Menme(メンメ)
Requirement - Lv30 and Quest 199 completed
Initial Reward -  Dollar Board Tank Expansion 
Replay Reward - 
EXP/Fame - 6240P / 52P
Previous Quest - Quest 199
Next Quest - Quest 446
  • After accepting the quest you'll be given the item Menme's Memo (メンメのメモ).
  • Go to the Dolworm Crystal Palace (ドルワーム水晶宮) [Gatara Capital → Gatara Fields → Chaldea Mtn. Road → Gobble Desert East → Dolworm Kingdom / Crystal Palace] and head up to the Sky Garden (空中庭園)[you can use Divine Machine(神カラクリ) to 4th floor] on the 5th floor and give Menme's Memo to Tuda (トゥダ) at C5.
  • Go down to the 2nd floor and in the Laboratory (研究室), check the bookshelf on the far left (from when you enter the room) to obtain the item Gataraian Technology Compendium(ガテリア式技術大系).
  • Return to Menme and give her that item. Wait 3 real world minutes before talking to her again.
  • Defeat a Metal Hunter (メタルハンター) to obtain an Energy Pot (エナジーポット). Common places to find one would be the Sea Melting Cave (エナジーポット) [Julet Town → Jule Upper Island → Kyurarana Coast → Sea Melting Cave] around C6, Booneer Rainforest (ブーナー熱帯雨林) [Julet Town → Jule Upper Island → Kyurarana Coast → Verinard South (Ferry) → Verinard North → Verse Mtn. Forest → Booner Rainforest] around E5, or Sunset Meadow (落陽の草原) [Wind Town Azlan → Inamino Highway → Kamiharmui South → Kamiharmui North → Sunset Meadow] around D6.
  • After you get the item, return to Menme to clear the quest.