Quest 243

From Ethene
Name Clothes to send to my late father 亡き父に送る服
Location Julet Town
Coordinates G-7
NPC Guildmaster Yubia マスター・ユービア
Requirements Sewing 34+
Previous Quest 140
Next Quest 294
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience - -
Fame 69 P -
Rewards Sewing level cap raised to 40
Disappointed Emote


  1. After agreeing to the quest, Guildmaster Yubia will teach you how to make Minister Robe Bottom if you don't already have the recipe.
  2. Sew a Minister Robe Bottom of at least 2 stars.
  3. Guildmaster Yubia will then give you a Fencing Cloak to deliver to his father in Underground Lake Cave.
  4. Go to G-2 of Underground Lake Cave and talk with ????
  5. Go back to Julet Town and talk with Guildmaster Yubia.