Quest 268

From Ethene
You can have my food (オレの料理を食えばいい)
Location F. Gran Zedora Castle (偽のグランゼドーラ城) 2nd Floor
Starting NPC Cannock (カノック)
Description -
Requirements Clear v2.0 
Initial Reward Small Medal (5)
Darkonium (3)
Replay Reward None
EXP/Fame 36048 / 73
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 267 Next Quest Quest 269

  • Talk to Cannock in the "Kitchen" on the 2nd floor of Gran Zedora Castle to accept the quest and met your next task.
  • Go to False Defel Wilderness and defeat Hellbound Hunters (アサシンブラッド) until you get the Key Item.
    • Said monsters are located near B4-C5 in the lower part.
  • When you return to the castle and give it to Cannock, he'll ask you for the next material: Salt.
  • Fly to Rovos Highlands, go to the "Salt Crystal Cave" located in D5 and get "Salt Quartz"
    • You can get it by performing the "Applause" gesture inside the cave.
  • Return to the castle, talk to Cannock and he'll ask you to get one of each of these ingredients:
    • Fatalistick
    • Thunderball
    • Snakeskin

If you're a paid player, you can just buy them through bazaar, if not buy from material shops or glitter grind.

  • Give the ingredients to Cannock, eat his creation and finish the quest.

Heads up: This quest is located in False Gran Zedora Castle, you can't teleport to the Hero's Room like in the true one so, the fastest way to reach this castle is by: Use Hero's Room zoomstone -> Use the Teleportal to the entrance of the Castle -> Use the brave stone pillar near the entrance -> you reached False Gran Zedora Castle a bit faster.