Quest 312

From Ethene
Name Sinful Hero 罪深き英雄
Location T. Melsandy Village
Coordinates D-2
NPC Aili アイリ
Requirements -
Previous Quest 311
Next Quest 313
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 58260 P -
Fame 50 P -
Rewards 1 Seed of Resilience -


  • To begin the quest, go to the second floor of the Tale Writer's House in T. Melsandy Village and step outside to enter a cutscene with Aili.
  • Go to the tavern at B-3 and speak with Lyon to get the White Snow Butter.
  • Acquire 3 Buzzberries, which can be purchased from material vendors in major cities.
  • Next, go to B-4 and speak with Hanne to hand over the berries and acquire the Deep Red Jam.
  • Head to T. Sunbeam Square and go south south to the Rabbani Hole.
  • Go all the way south to reach Beast's Garden.
  • After a cutscene, you'll have a boss battle.
  • Go back to Aili in T. Melsandy Village to complete the quest.