Quest 37

From Ethene
Nejiro, the Locksmith
A Crystal Hand.
Keymaker's Box (カギ師の小箱)
Location Megistris Castle (メギストリス城) 3rd Floor (D7)
Starting NPC Nejiro (ネジロ)
Description -
Requirements Level 40+ 
Initial Reward Thief's Key (とうぞくのカギ)
Replay Reward 2 Urbea Silver Coins (ウルベア銀貨)
EXP/Fame 8280P/69P
Replay EXP/Fame ?P/?P
Previous Quest None Next Quest Quest 279


  • Talk to Nejiro in Megistris Castle (メギストリス城) on the third floor at D7.
  • Nejiro promises to give you the treasure inside a chest if you can dispel it somehow.
    • If you use the key item, it will give you a hint.
  • Travel to Verinard South (ヴェリナード領南) and slay a Crystal Hand (クリスタルハンド) around F1/G1. Once defeated, you'll receive a message that the box has been dispelled. (These monsters are the hands that are buried underground. Search the area carefully to encounter it.)
  • Return and speak to Nejiro to complete the quest. You can now open black treasure chests.