Quest 395

From Ethene
Name The Legend of the Sorrowful Bread Crusts -
Location Lion's Gate
Coordinates E-3
NPC Nachos -
Requirements Quest 394
Previous Quest 394
Next Quest 396
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 4600 P 2300 P
Fame 69 P 5 P
Rewards Dancer's Tiara
Experience Scroll - DNC (4)
20 points in all DNC Skills
Urbea Silver Coin x2


  • Talk to Nachos to start the quest It's time to practice for the big show!
  • Nachos wants us to move to Daz's Rock Cave in the Langao Mountains.
  • Do what the boss says and head there for a scene at the back.
  • Return to Nachos at Lion's Gate to receive a book and your next destination. Rastasya twisted her ankle and we gotta help her!
  • We need to collect some medicinal leaves from Epistea Bottomless Pit in the Epistea Region, which is on the Pukuland continent.
  • The plant is not actually in the pit, it is on the outer rim. You can find the telltale sparkly column by walking around.
  • With the medicinal herb in hand, head back to Nachos for a scene and to complete the quest.
  • With Rastasya back in action, we can earn some money and not have to live off of eating bread crusts every meal!