Quest 431

From Dragon Quest X
Urgent recruitment! Apprentice fortune teller (急募! 見習い占い師)
Location Orphea Town (オルフェアの町) fortune hall
Starting NPC Yuno (ユノ)
Description &nbsp
Requirements Quest 34 Complete
Lore of the Ancient Dragon (v3) registered
At least one class Level 30 or above. 
Initial Reward Fortune Teller Unlocked
Monster Tarot system unlocked
Replay Reward 1 Urbea Silver Coin
EXP/Fame 0 / 43
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest None Next Quest Quest 432


  • Talk to Yuno inside the fortune hall in Orphea Town's backstreet map D-5. She will task you with defeating 7 Knot Kids (くみひもこぞう) at Inamino Highway (イナミノ街道).
  • The Knot Kids are found around C5 - D6 in Inamino.
  • Once you have defeated them, return to Yuno to finish the quest.
  • Upon completion of this quest, Quest 438 also opens up to the player.