Quest 454

From Ethene
Name The Heart of Justice 正義の心 宿りし時に
Location Dolworm Kingdom
Coordinates Inside the well at D-8
NPC Light Messenger Minana 光導使ミナナ
Requirements Any Vocation level 94 or above.
Previous Quest 417
Next Quest 470
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 28,000 P 7000 P
Fame 223 P -
Rewards Level Cap raised to 99. 1 Urbea Gold Coin


  1. Talk to Minana to start the quest. She must be comfortable inside this well.
  2. It's time to pray to the Lord of the Holy Light.
  3. Our task is to defeat the Beast of Trials, who has appeared in the Quicksand Lair in Goble Desert East.
  4. Prepare for a boss fight with multiple enemies and enter the Quicksand Lair.
  5. After your victory, head back to the well and speak with Minana for a scene and to break your limits. You can now increase your level to 99!

NOTE: Once you reach level 97, you can start the next level cap quest.

The well in Dolworm.