Quest 454

From Ethene
The Heart of Justice (正義の心 宿りし時に)
Location Inside Well at Dolworm Kingdom
Starting NPC Light Messenger Minana at the bottom of the well at D8
Description -
Requirements Any Vocation level 94 or above. 
Initial Reward Level Cap advancement up to Level 99 Unlocked
Replay Reward '
EXP/Fame None
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 417 Next Quest Quest 470


  • Talk to Minana to start the quest. She must be comfortable inside this well.
  • It's time to pray to the Lord of the Holy Light.
  • Our task is to defeat the Beast of Trials, who has appeared in the Quicksand Lair in Goble Desert East.
  • Prepare for a boss fight with multiple enemies and enter the Quicksand Lair.
  • After your victory, head back to the well and speak with Minana for a scene and to break your limits.
  • You can now increase your level to 99!
  • Speak to Minana again at the bottom of the well after you've reached level 99.