Quest 46

From Ethene
Woodworking Intro
Location Royal City Kamiharmui North, Woodworking Guild
Starting NPC Guildmaster Kanna
Description -
Requirements None 
Initial Reward Soft Branch (5)
Replay Reward None
EXP/Fame 17 Fame
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest N/A Next Quest Quest 47


  • First accept the quest from Guildmaster Kanna to learn Woodworking, and she will give the player a book.
  • Use the recipe "Would-Be Woodworking" from your inventory.
  • Talk to Guildmaster Kanna again to receive a Copper Slick, our woodworking tool.
  • Buy one soft branch from the Woodworking material shop downstairs, and go to the woodworking bench in the room across.
  • Craft a Laurel Sprig.
  • Return to Guildmaster Kanna.
  • Quest Complete!