Quest 487

From Ethene
Name Mix Water and Fish 交わらぬ水魚
Location Royal City Kamiharmui
Coordinates (North) G4
NPC Asahi アサヒ
Requirements Quest 486 cleared
Previous Quest 486
Next Quest 488
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 20000 P -
Fame 80 P -
Rewards Druid Cap
+20 Skill Points in all Druid skills


  • Speak with Asahi in Yang Clan Hideout. You are assigned to investigate a matter in Wind Town Azlan.
  • Speak with Shichi in the restaurant @ C-5 to hear more.
  • You are required to kill a Foo Dog with the Druid's skill Pyre of Fire from the Summoner Skill line.
    • Pyre of Fire requires 40 points invested into Summoner.
    • Foo Dog's are located around E-3. Also encountered one at D-6.
    • The killing blow must be Pyre of Fire or it won't count.
    • It might be best to put your NPC Support Party on standby while you kill the Foo Dog, or you run the risk of your team one-shotting the monster.
      • MenuSupport Party → under Participation set to Standby.
  • After completing the task, you should get a dialog box confirming that you received the item, followed by a cutscene.
  • Deliver the fire ward to Shichi back at the restaurant in Wind Town Azlan.
  • Return to Asahi at the Hideout for a cutscene and your rewards.