Quest 491

From Ethene
  • Quest Name: Nice Night Cruising!
  • Quest Giver: Accessory Shop Karmela
  • Location: Verinard Castle Town-Accessory Shop
  • Target  : Two Jolly Pirates
  • Reward  : Experience, Fame, 10 gold Bars.

After speaking with the Shop owner to get the quest, requires lv 60+, speak to the Synthesizer girl next to him to proceed, you will be transported to a boat with no exit, you can speak to the npcs if you like, otherwise speak with the Synthesizer to get the next cutscene. After that, you can speak with the npcs again, otherwise, talk to her again for the next cutscene. Now back at the castle town, speak to her again and say yes. Now head to Verse Mountain Forest and head near the Priest at E-4. You can get to this Mountain by going to Verinard North then to Verse Mountain Forest, alternatively you can zoom to Booner Rainforest and head in from there. Once you read the location you should see a waterfall. There will be a sparkly in the water right next to it, examine it to go in. A cutscene will play then a Boss Battle Will start. Both likes to use Tension, one doing AoE moves, the other doing multiple single target attacks. Afterwards, return back to Synthesizer Renee for your reward.