Quest 494

From Ethene
Guidance of the Sentinels (聖守護者の導き)
Location Gartlant Castle 1st Floor
Starting NPC Soldier Gizman
Description -
Requirements Clear Quest 166
Level 90+ 
Initial Reward Unlock Chronicles of the Sacred Sentinels
1 Gold Bar
Replay Reward None
EXP/Fame 39600 / 147
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 493 Next Quest Quest 495


  • After accepting the quest, interact with the door nearby, you'll be warped to the Skyscraper Tomb.
  • Examine the Old Grave, return by the teleportal and speak to Gizman.
  • Go to Landonfoot's "Forgotten Library" and check one of the bookshelves (E7) inside.
  • Come back to the castle and talk to Soldier Gizman.
  • Proceed to the Gilzad Region and go inside the Hunter's Cave, when you enter a boss battle will begin.
  • After finishing the fight, examine the spear stuck in the ground and obtain Galatea's God Spear, a LV1 weapon (not a Key Item!).
  • You need to go to the Skyscraper Tomb (the door besides Gizman in Gartlant Castle). Before doing so, switch to a vocation that can equip spears. (MRT, PLD, ITM).
  • A event will play when you equip the Galatea's Spear and perform the "Raise your Weapon" emote.
  • Talk to Uriel, come back and report the event to Gizman to clear the quest.