Quest 511

From Ethene
Listening to the Wind (風の音色を聴け)
Location True Melsandy Granary Belt (真のメルサンディ穀倉帯) (D5)
Starting NPC Starfighter Sansa (星拳士サンサ)
Description -
Requirements LV100 
Initial Reward Level Cap raised to 105 (レベルの上限が105になる)
Replay Reward Urbea Gold Coin x1 (ウルベア金貨1枚)
EXP/Fame 27,780P/292P
Replay EXP/Fame 13,890P/XXXP
Previous Quest Quest 470 Next Quest Quest 551


  • Talk to Starfighter Sansa. Get key item Echoing Winter Cherry
  • Enter the remaining 6windmills in True Melsandy Granary Belt and emote "Pray" inside.

  • Defeat Amodeus in Popolia Mushroom Mountain D6-7/F3/B4

Note:You can use Bazoom Girl to Popolia Mushroom Mountain

  • Defeat Pan Piper in True Celedot Mountain Pass around E6

  • Report to Starfighter Sansa.

note: You will receive the next level cap quest when you reach level 103.