Quest 56

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The True Enemy... (真の敵は)
Location Glen Castle Town (グレン城下町)
Starting NPC Agapei
Description -
Requirements Quest 55 complete 
Initial Reward Warrior Proof
Experience Scroll - WAR (6)
20 points in all Warrior skills
Replay Reward 1 Urbea Gold Coins, 2550 EXP
EXP/Fame 5100 / 69
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 55 Next Quest None


  • Talk to Agapei in the back of a private house entering from C-7 in Glen Castle Town and accept the quest. He'll instruct you to put your warrior's spirit on the line for this last test.
  • Trek to Booner Rainforest and visit the Poetry Ruins. Watch out for the tough monsters here.
  • Prepare yourself and defeat the boss. He'll attempt to use many Warrior and Greatsword abilities on you throughout the fight, including Frost Fangs which can freeze you.
  • Return to Glen Castle Town and talk to Agapei to clear the quest and receive your reward, the proof of being a Warrior!

The Warrior Proof has a chance to immediately Attack or use the Skill you just used again.

Completed Summary - Under the guidance of Agapei, who lives in the castle town of Glen, I defeated the madness inside of myself. A warrior who has defeated their own darkness will never fall into madness, no matter how much power they wield in the future.