Quest 57

From Ethene
Request from the Incense Master (香術師の依頼)
Location Wind Town Azlan - Church / Suizen Marsh F-3
Starting NPC Monk Bert and Karan
Description -
Requirements Priest Level 30 or above 
Initial Reward Priest Boots
Experience Scroll - PRI (2)
20 points in all Priest skills
Replay Reward Need Info
EXP/Fame 1224 / 34
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest None Next Quest Quest 58


Summary - You’ve been asked by Karan, a traveling Incense Master to to the Minagami Fountain to find the Monk Helga. The location of the fountain is said to be located in a book in the Kirika Catherdral as a riddle poem.

  • Talk to Monk Bert and Karan at the church in the wind town of Azlan to start the quest.
  • You can head straight to Suizen Marsh from Azlan Territory. Interact with the large, conspicuous tree with green fireflies around it at F-3 to see an event.
  • Return to the church for another event and the quest cleared.