Quest 607

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Take You From Twilight (黄昏より君を連れて)
Location Glen East F7, inside the well.
Starting NPC Dezlin at E2 inside the well.
Description -
Requirements Quest 606 Complete. 
Initial Reward Death Master Coup-de-Grace, "Death Power Boost"<br<20 points in every Death Master skill.
Replay Reward 10500 EXP
2 Urbea Silver Coins
EXP/Fame 21000 / 150
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 606 Next Quest Quest 608


  • Talk to Dezlin to start the quest.
  • We need a tool to call out to spirit. Papilma in Choppy Wilderness has a bunch and is willing to sell, so we're gonna go buy one!
  • Head to Verse Mountain Forest and start murdering Boss Trolls until they give up the ghost.
  • Make sure you case Curse on the Boss Troll or you won't get credit for it.
  • Once Complete, run back to Dezlin. Nelim's not here, but on the other side.
  • Take your medicine and have a nap on the couch. Ring the bells next to the tree for a long and lovely scene.
  • Talk to Dezlin to pick up your Coup-de-Grace, Death Power Boost!

Death Power Boost is a Coup-de-Grace that quickly builds your Death Power gauge up to the maximum!