Quest 70

From Ethene
Yarn (ヤーン)
Killer Fang (キラーファング)
Pruslas (ギガデーモン)
Quest 70 - Life or Death (生か死か)
Location Julet Town (ジュレットの町)
Starting NPC Yarn (ヤーン)
Description -
Requirements MRT at Lv30 or above 
Initial Reward ⭐Roaring Tirade, MRT's Coup-de-Grace
6 Exp. Scrolls (MRT)
+20 Skill Points in all Martial Artist skills
Replay Reward 3 Urubea Silver Coins
EXP/Fame 10275 / 137
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 69 Next Quest Quest 71

  • Talk to Yarn and start the quest, he's located in the same place as before. (Julet Town D-6)
  • Receive the Key Item: "超天遊戯-参の書-"(Chō ten yūgi -shi no sho-).
  • Use the Key Item to read your next objective:
  • Go to Muruel Forest and defeat a Killer Fang (キラーファング) with a critical hit.
  • After completing the task, you'll be rewarded by the Key item "魔獣の右角" (Majū no migisumi).
  • Return to Julet Town and talk to Yarn to receive the Key Item "魔獣の左角" (Majū no hidarisumi) and your next objective:
  • Go to Gurug Underpass to fight against a boss.
    • To reach Gurug Underpass, start from Mount Gatara by train, exit from the southeast to Gatara Wilderness, and go to D-5 to reach the "Gurug Underpass" Cave.
  • Enter the place and you'll start a fight against Pruslas (ギガデーモン).
    • Bring a healer in your team and be aware of critical hits.
  • After defeating the boss, return to Julet Town, speak to Yarn, and you'll clear the quest.