Quest 721

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A Voice of Silence (産声は無くとも)
Location Voicehalla (天声の間)
Starting NPC Heaven Poet (天唱楽師)
Description -
Requirements Level 122+ 
Initial Reward Level cap raised to 126 (レベルの上限が126になる)
Replay Reward 1 Urbea Gold Coin (ウルベア金貨)
EXP/Fame 30160P/298P
Replay EXP/Fame 15080P/?P
Previous Quest Quest 709 Next Quest Quest 746



  • Defeat the "Young Spirit" (声霊の幼体) that appears alongside Shadows (シャドー) in True Witchwood (真の魔女の森) (It's good to have blind resistance, since the Shadows can inflict blind.) You can get there quickly with the Mega Zoomstone to True Leaf Shop and use the Flute (竜笛) to fly there.


  • Go back to Voicehalla and speak with Heaven Poet.
  • Talk to Messenger Shigia (天奏士シーギア) next to Heaven Poet.
  • A boss battle will begin.
  • Speak with Heaven Poet to complete the quest.