Quest 728

From Ethene
To a Faraway Revival (遙かなる復活へ)
Location Hollow's Hideout(ホーローの隠れ家)
Starting NPC Sage Hollow (賢者ホーロー)
Description -
Requirements conpleated Quest 719 
Initial Reward 10th Anniv. Quest Stamp,10 10th Anni. Lotto Ticket (10周年クエスト印章,10周年記念ふくびき券10枚)
Replay Reward 10th Anniv. Quest Stamp (10周年クエスト印章)
EXP/Fame 100000P/200P
Replay EXP/Fame 13600P/?P
Previous Quest Quest 719 Next Quest Quest ?


(You can use a Bazoom Girl to warp there.)

  • Approach the spring and say "げんえいのほろ" (genneinohoro) in nearby chat (white text box).
  • Wake Kate in front of Sealed Altar.
  • Go back to Hollow's Hideout (ホーローの隠れ家) and speak to Hollow.
  • Examine the Green Crest floating on an "Odd Hemisphere(謎の半球体)" in the easternmost point of Goble Desert East(G2).

(You can get there quickly by using a Bazoom Girl to Oasis Caravan(オアシスの隊商宿))

  • Break the Crests floating in the nearby Hemispheres in the correct order.


Pink ⇒ Blue ⇒ Yellow ⇒ Red ⇒ Green

  • Check the Hemisphere and go inside.
  • Go back to Hollow's Hideout and speak with Sage Hollow to complete the quest.