Quest 99

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Mizuhiki (ミズヒキ)
Onion Man (たまねぎマン)
Quest 99 - This Ranger Association (こちら レンジャー協会)
Location Royal Capital Kamiharmui (王都カミハルムイ)
Starting NPC Mizuhiki (ミズヒキ)
Description -
Requirements Quest 34 Completed 
Initial Reward Ranger class unlocked
Replay Reward 1 Urubea Silver Coin
EXP/Fame 2580 / 43
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 34 Next Quest Quest 100

  • Pick up a quest at the Ranger Association Headquarters in G-4 by talking to Mizuhiki in South of the Royal Capital Kamiharmui
  • Defeat the Onion Man (たまねぎマン) in Kamiharmui Territory North after successfully using "Steal" (ぬすむ)
    • You need to have the skill "Steal" (ぬすむ) unlocked from the Thief class to progress through this quest.
    • Onion Man appears in the field in front of the Underground Cave of Imui (イムイ地) at D-3
  • Head back to the Ranger Association Headquarters to complete the quest. You can change into a Ranger in any Tavern when talking to the Class changer NPC.