Recruiting Companions (NPC)

From Ethene
Make sure you clear Quest 31 so that you can recruit NPCs
  • Talk to a Tavern NPC and select なかまをさがす (First option)

  • A filter list will be displayed. The list, in order:
Class: The class you want to search for. なんでも will search for any class.
Equipped Weapon: The type of weapon you want the companion to have equipped. なんでも will search for any weapon.
Minimum Level: The lowest level you want to search for.
Maximum Level: The highest level you want to search for.
Resistance Type 1: Search for different resistances and how high you want the resistance to be (0 stars: low, 1 star: good, 2 stars: great)
Resistance Type 2
Resistance Type 3
Search Target: The group of players you want to search for. だれでもOK is anyone, フレンド are for players only on your friends list, and チーム are for team members.

The first filter refers to Vocations

Basic Vocations are:

Warrior (戦士)
Priest (僧侶)
Mage (魔法使い)
Martial Artist (武闘家)
Thief (盗賊)
Minstrel (旅芸人)

  • After setting your preferences, select the この条件でさがす (Last option)

  • Don't forget to check your Companion equipment and stats before confirming.