Sticker Monsters

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Sticker monsters, or Mimicker monsters, are special monsters that sometimes appear out in the world. When interacted with, they will transform into Stickers that are placed inside your Sticker Book. After collecting enough Stickers, statues of the Sticker monsters can be created to place outside your home.

To start collecting Sticker monsters, you must first complete Quest 173 to gain access to the sauna in Wind Town Azlan. Then, speak to Matsutake in the house at G6 in Azlan to accept Quest 449. You will receive a Sticker Book Key Item and have the ability to find Sticker Monsters out in the world.

How it Works

Once you want to start searching for Sticker monsters, speak with Matsutake and select "Mimicker Info". He will tell you one (or multiple) hints for areas that Sticker monsters are currently appearing in. (Refer to the "Sticker Monster Locations" section below for possible spots for each location.) Sticker Monsters will last for 38 minutes (real time) after which they will disappear.

Finding and speaking with a Sticker monster out in the world will give you one of its stickers. You can have up to 99 of one type of sticker. When first placing a sticker in your Sticker Book, you will be able to read some fun trivia about the monster inside of it. Collecting 3 and 6 of the same type of sticker will unlock the second and third trivia pages respectively.

Depending on the number of unique stickers you place in your Sticker Book, Matsutake will grant you a specific reward.

Unique Types Collected Reward
2 types Mini Medal x30
4 types Yggdrasil Leaf x20
6 types Lottery Ticket x50
8 types Mini Medal x100
16 types Can create Sticker monster statues
24 types Dream Accessory Box 2

Sticker Monster Locations

Below is a table that shows the possible location of each Sticker monster for each area. When Matsutake tells you one of the hints below, it could be in any of the associated areas, so make sure to check as many as you can.

The Five Continents
Hint Area Possible Monsters/Locations
Town of Agrani Raniakka Fault Zone Mashing Mole (H7), Sweepy Samurai (G6)
Dolworm Kingdom Dolworm Kingdom Liquid Soap Slime (House at D7)
Dolworm Crystal Palace Naumanncook (Kitchen)
Goble Desert East Clicksy (Merchants' Tent)
Dematode Highlands Sumo Baby (F3)
Tsusukul Village Tsusukul Plains Mashing Mole (Bridge at D3), Sweepy Samurai (Cliff at F5)
Wind Town Azlan Molinara Forest Sumo Baby (A4)
Royal City Kamiharmui Royal City Kamiharmui (North) Liquid Soap Slime (Samurai Residence)
Kamiharmui Castle Naumanncook (Kitchen)
Sunset Meadow Clicksy (Precipice Village Ruins)
Langao Village Langao Mountains Mashing Mole (Cliff at E3), Sweepy Samurai (Cliff at E2)
Glen Castle Town Gert Strait Clicksy (Bridge Inn)
Gartlant Castle Town Gartlant Castle Town Liquid Soap Slime (Inn)
Gartlant Castle Naumanncook (Kitchen)
Zama Pass Sumo Baby (Upper Cliff at E6)
Pukulet Village Pukulet Region Ladysauratops (G2), Mashing Mole (Upper left of C5), Sweepy Samurai (E4)
Town of Orphea Popolia Mushroom Mountain Sumo Baby (Top left corner of D5)
City of Megistris Megistris City Liquid Soap Slime (Near Fountain at E4)
Megistris Castle Naumanncook (Kitchen)
Choppi Wilderness Clicksy (Wilderness Retreat)
Lane Village Colt Region
Mashing Mole (Top left Cliff at A4), Sweepy Samurai (Cliff at G6)
Sierra Pilgrimage Site Firefly (Bottom left rocks at E5)
Julet Town Kyurarana Coast Firefly (H5)
Cat Island Sumo Baby (North side of F5)
Verinard Castle Town Verinard Castle Town Liquid Soap Slime (House at at F3)
Verinard Castle Naumanncook (Kitchen)
Booner Rainforest Clicksy (Jungle Camp)
Verinard South Firefly (Southern beach at G2)
Verse Mountain Forest Firefly (Near bottom left waterfall at E2)
Keracona Wild Forest Firefly (D2)
Hint Area Possible Monsters/Locations
True Gran Zedora Kingdom True Gran Zedora Kingdom Honeyhood (House at D3)
True Reviewle Highway North Hitchhike Devil (Upper left road at D6)
True Gran Zedora Castle Tea Candle (Courtyard at C3)
True Reviewle Highway South Clay Mannequin (Inside ruins at F4)
True Gran Zedora Port Princess Cat (H4)
True Cocolata Beach True Cocolata Beach Princess Cat (Inn)
True Melsandy Village True Melsandy Village Honeyhood (Chief's House at G2)
True Melun Watermill Tea Candle (House at D5)
True Wald Headwaters Curry Imp (Lake Retreat), Raincoat (Behind waterfall at E5)
True Rhone Forest Belt Curry Imp (Leaf Shop)
True Witchwood Prince Harming (Gate at D6)
True Town of Celed True Town of Celed Honeyhood (Mayor's House at B4)
True Lyana Desolate Area Curry Imp (Waterfall Village Inn at E4), Raincoat (Bottom left of C4)
True Alltrades Abbey Tea Candle (2F High Priest's Room)
True Linjahar Coast Clay Mannequin (Northwestern coast at C3)
Twisted Deformed Earth Prince Harming (Top left of Demon Ravine 1)
True Kingdom of Al-Ahagiro True Kingdom of Al-Ahagiro Honeyhood (2F Dining Room)
True Al-Ahagiro Region Hitchhike Devil (Bottom left road at C7), Raincoat (Underground cave at C5, get there from the well in False)
True Monster Arena Tea Candle (F5)
True Pyramid Clay Mannequin (2F at C7)
True Jyra Jungle Clay Mannequin (Upper temple wall at D3)
True Defel Desert Prince Harming (Inner E3)
Ethene Village Nalbia Town Princess Cat (Coast at H6)
Made Isle Princess Cat (Under cliff at D5)
Polnea Mountain Prince Harming (Inside cave at D8)
Hint Area Possible Monsters/Locations
Fire Realm Apeka Village Riceball Baby (Tavern)
Red Hot Desert Meat Imp (Path at E5)
Valley of Fire Will-O' (E4)
Fire Tower Will-O' (5F at E4)
Featherias Mountain Acro Bat (Level 2 at F4)
Ice Realm Nadraga Shrine Cream Slime (E2)
Ether Village Riceball Baby (Tavern)
Tree of Grace Prancing Pencil (D7)
Eternal Ice Field Meat Imp (Upper bone at C3)
Frosty Floes Mr. Watermelon (C5)
Carrel Ice Cave Acro Bat (2F at G4)
Dark Realm Nadraga Shrine Cream Slime (D4)
Carlamora Village Riceball Baby (Tavern)
Utopia Prancing Pencil (E3)
Vale of Shadow Meat Imp (Upper level at E5)
Dark Edge Harvester (F4)
Dark Tower Acro Bat (4F at C6)
Water Realm Nadraga Shrine Cream Slime (B5)
Undersea City Ruska Prancing Pencil (B5)
Orfine Sea Harvester (C1)
Water Tower Mr. Watermelon (7F at B5)
Gaios Old Sea Acro Bat (Inside sunken ship at E6)
Storm Realm Nadraga Shrine Cream Slime (D4)
Town of Must Underground Riceball Baby (Upper level tavern)
Town of Must Prancing Pencil (Church Ruins at E3)
Howling Highlands Harvester (Top right of D3)
Stormbough Acro Bat (Middle level at D2)