Trial Players

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This game offers a free trial mode for anyone who want's to try the game out before buying it and paying the sub. There is no time limit for how much you want to play, however there are some restrictions.

How to play the Free Trial


Download the game from Here. This is the Free Trial download directly from the Hiroba site.

There are Two different ways that you can then play the game

  1. Create a Japanese Square Enix account and then go Here and select the top option to login to your Japanese account, or the bottom option to make one. Afterwards the free trial will be registered on the account and you can then login on the launcher to play.
  2. Play using the "Easy Play"(かんたんプレイ) option. This will allow you to play without the need to create an account, with an option allowing you to link to an account at a later date. The save is kept on your computer though, so if you lose those files in your Documents folder, that character is gone.



The Restrictions

  • Everything up to V2.3 is playable
  • Player Level is capped at 80
  • Crafting Level is capped at 9
  • Special Training Points cannot be obtained
  • Certain Quests cannot be cleared and/or accepted
  • Player Shop (Traveler Bazaar) is unavailable
  • Sending mail is unavailable
  • In the Casino, Sugoroku, Slime Race, and the 3rd floor VIP room are unavailable
  • Can only purchase Small sized housing land once it's at the minimum price
  • Purchasing a My Town is unavailable
  • Cannot exchange Energetic Charge for specific items: Super Genkitama, Special Training Genkitama, Metal Labyrinth Ticket, or Zelmere Crest
  • Changing a Monster Companion's name is unavailable
  • Registering outfits is unavailable
  • General Chat (White Chat) is unavailable
  • Registering or editing new lines in the quick chat menu is unavailable
  • Yellow Diary rewards only go up to 19.