6th Annual Fishing Contest

From Ethene

Event Details

This is a Contest to see who can catch the biggest Red Seabream! There is also a chance to catch a golden version of the fish, with separate rewards for different sizes of them. There will be rewards for those who get in the top 200. There are also rewards for catching and turning in these fishes.

There are only specific places to catch these fishes while using the specific event fishing tools.

Colt Region Gobble Desert West Pukulet Region

Joining the Event

Talk to Fishing Master Natsuri (釣り師範ナツリ) in South Port Lendor to join in. She will give you the Seasonal Fishing Rod and Seasonal Lure and you can get them as many times as you like. You can also show her the different Seabreams you caught and get different rewards based on size, with a special reward getting a 1333.3cm Red Seabream.


A fish coin limited exchange shop will be open, which incudes the gestures from the 5th Fishing Contest, including the "Welcome" emote

Raking in the top 200 will also yeild different rewards, those being a trophy, a Mantaray dollarboard, and a fisherman arch.

Rank Rewards
1st Place Gold Trophy, Manta Prism, Fisherman Arch 5m G
2nd Place Silver Trophy, Manta Prism, Fisherman Arch 2.5m G
3rd to 10th place Silver Trophy, Manta Prism, Fisherman Arch 1m G
11th to 50th place Bronze Trophy, Manta Prism, Fisherman Arch 500k G
51st to 100th place Bronze Trophy, Manta Prism, Fisherman Arch 100k G
101st to 200th place Manta Prism, Fisherman Arch 50k G

For getting the perfect size of 1333.3cm, you will receive the Tacomet Fishing Umbrella.

Catching fish over specific sizes will also reward you with different rewards, including these chat stamps.

Size Rewards
1320 cm 3x Elvan Elixers
1316 cm 4x Substitute Coins
1314 cm 25x Gold Alchemy Stones
1312 cm 2x Metal Pair Tickets
1310 cm 4x Jewel Perfumes
1308 cm 20x Special Lottery Tickets
1306 cm 15x Gold Alchemy Stones
1304 cm 10x Special Lottery Tickets
1302 cm 6x Seasonal Outdoor Watermelons
1300 cm Fishing Chat Stamps
1280 cm 6x Seasonal Indoor Watermelons
1260 cm 20x Lottery Tickets