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Here will be a list of icons used during battle. They are separated into positive status effects and negative status effects.

Positive Status Effects

Icon Description Maximum Stages Source
Attackup.jpg Increases attack by 20% per stage. 2 Oomph, Oomphle
Defenseup.jpg Increases defense by 20% per stage. 2 Buff, Kabuff
Intervaldown.jpg Shortens action interval by 0.5 seconds per stage. 2 Accelerate, Acceleratle
Spellpowerup.jpg Increases spell power by 1.5 times at 1 stage, and 2 times at 2 stages. 2 ???
Recoveryup.jpg Increases recovery power by 1.5 times at 1 stage, and 2 times at 2 stages. 2 ???
Breathresistup.jpg Increases breath resistance by 20% per stage. 2 Insulate, Insulatle, Clear Mind
Spellresistup.jpg Increases spell resistance by 20% per stage. 2 Mage Ward, Magic Barrier
Weightup.jpg Increases weight by 1.5 (Thunk) or 2 times (Heavy Charge). 1 Thunk, Heavy Charge, ???
Spelldamagelimit.jpg Increases damage limit of spells. 1 ???
Mpzero.jpg MP cost of spells is reduced to 0. 1 ???
Blockup.jpg Increases shield block rate. 1 Immense Defense
Parryup.jpg Increases parrying rate when wielding a greatsword. 1 Greatsword Guard
Scytheguard.jpg Increases parrying rate when wielding a scythe. 1 ???
Criticalguard.jpg Reduces damage taken from critical attacks, desperate attacks, and haywire spells. 1 Critical Guard
Statuseffectblock.jpg Increases resistance to harmful status effects by 50%. 1 Holy Impregnable
Hpguard.jpg Recovers HP whenever you block with a shield. 1 Power Shield
Coverspecial.png You are currently taking damage in place of another party member. 1 Whipping Boy
Hpovertime.jpg Gradually recovers HP over a duration. 1 Reheal, Remidheal, Remoreheal
Mpovertime.jpg Gradually recovers MP over a duration. 1 ???
Dodgeup.jpg Increases your dodge rate. 1 Tap Dance
Ctdown.jpg Shortens the charge time of your CT skills. 1 Clock Charge, Brave Charge
Speedup.jpg Increases your movement speed. 1 ???
Statuseffectnull.jpg Nullifies any bad status effects. 1 Snap Crackle Poof
Statuseffectnullonce.jpg Nullifies a bad status effect one time. 1 Ailment Curtailment
Jumpguard.jpg Protects against an attack that requires jumping to dodge one time. 1 Hop Stick
Castspeedup.jpg Increases your spellcasting speed. 1 Faster Caster
Skillspeedup.jpg Increases your skill execution speed. 1 ???
Reviveondeath.jpg Revive a short while after dying. 1 Goddess' Grace
Hplink.jpg Share your HP pool with another player's HP pool. 1 HP Link
Mplink.jpg Share your MP pool with another player's MP pool. 1 MP Link
20damagedown.jpg Reduces damage taken by 20%. 1 Phalanx
Tensionup.jpg In a tension state. Increases the damage or recovery of your next action based on how high your tension is. 4 ???
Tensionburn.jpg Increases your tension whenever you take damage. 1 ???
Tensionaction.jpg Increases your tension whenever you use an action. 1 ???
Tensionlock.jpg Stops your tension from decreasing. 1 ???
Breathnull.jpg Nullifies the next breath attack received. 1 Mist Me
Hpondamage.jpg Recovers 20% of damage received as HP. 1 Right as Rain, Miracle Rain
Mpondamage.jpg Recovers 10% of damage received as MP. 1 ???
Almamater.jpg Survive at 1 HP when you receive a fatal blow when your HP is at least 50% or more. 1 Alma Mater
Divineblessing.jpg Survive at 1 HP when you receive a fatal blow when your HP is at least 2 or more. 1 Divine Blessing
Firefource.jpg Your attacks gain the fire attribute. 1 Fire Fource
Frostfource.jpg Your attacks gain the ice attribute. 1 Frost Fource
Galefource.jpg Your attacks gain the wind and thunder attributes. 1 Gale Fource
Funerealfource.jpg Your attacks gain the dark and earth attributes. 1 Funereal Fource
Lifefource.jpg Your attacks gain the light attribute. 1 Life Fource
Hprecoverattack.jpg Recover HP whenever you attack an enemy. 1 ???
Mprecoverattack.jpg Recover MP whenever you attack an enemy. 1 ???
Poisonattack.jpg Your attacks have a chance to inflict poison. 1 ???
Alldamageup.jpg Increases all damage dealt. 1 Wild Cry
Criticalup.jpg Increases your critical hit rate. 1 ???
Attackpowerup.jpg Increases your attack by 30 per stage. 2 Fang of God
Itemrangeup.jpg Increases the range of your consumable item effects to multiple targets. 1 Item Range Tech
Itemdouble.jpg Doubles the effectiveness of your consumable items. 1 Double Dip
Expup.jpg Increases experience and gold gained from an enemy. 1 Best Smile
Expup2.jpg Increases experience, gold and special training stamps gained from an enemy. 1 Million Smile
Charmresistdown.jpg Reduces an enemy's resistance to being charmed. 1 ???
Nogoldusage.jpg Skills with gold costs have their cost reduced to 0. 1 ???
Specialeffect.jpg Displayed when a vocation specific special effect is currently active. 1 Varies
Spellbounce.jpg Reflects spells back at the caster. 1 Bound, Bounce
Breathbounce.jpg Reflects breath attacks back at the caster. 1 ???
Absorbmagic.jpg When hit by a spell, restore MP equal to that spell's MP cost. 1 Absorb Magic
Snub.jpg Nullifies all attack spells used against you. 1 Snub
Damagetakenup.jpg Increases damage the target takes by 1.5 times. 1 Somersault Claw, Revol Slicer, Cerberus Rondo
Maxhpup.jpg Increases your maximum HP by 200. 1 ???
Alwaysspellcrit.jpg Your spells will always go haywire. 1 Reverse Enlightenment
Casttimedown.png Casting time of spells reduced to 1 second. 1 Spelly Breath
Scapeguard.jpg Reduce damage taken by 100 and automatically protect nearby allies from attacks. 1 Scape Guard
Invincible.jpg Become immune to all damage for a short while after being revived. 1 On revival
Monstertensionlink.jpg Gain tension whenever the monster you linked with gains tension. 1 ???
Tensionlink.jpg Gain tension whenever the ally you linked with gains tension. 1 ???
Tarotup.jpg Increases the effectiveness of your tarot cards. 1 ???
Knockresistup.jpg Increases your resistance to being knocked down. 1 Immovable Object
Deftoatk.jpg Increases attack based on defense. 1 Iron Advance
Fellowmonsterup.jpg Temporarily strengthen your fellow monster. 1 Pet Monster, Tune-Up
Playup.jpg Increases the effectiveness of your "Play" actions. 1 ???
Whimsicalup.jpg Increases the effectiveness of your "Whimsical" actions. 1 ???
Repel.jpg Reflects a percentage of damage taken. 1 ???
Deadsummon.jpg One of your spirits is currently summoned. 1 ???
Deadattack.jpg One of your spirits is ordered to attack a target. 1 ???
Deaddefend.jpg One of your spirits is defending allies. 1 ???
Darkblessing.jpg Reduces damage of a selected ally by 75% and you take the damage instead. 1 ???
Waverelease.jpg Doubles the gauge increase of your Wave Gauge. 1 ???
Adfdamageup.jpg Increases all damage dealt. (Only applies in Astoltia Defense Force) 1 Oomph Book
Adfdamagereduce.jpg Reduces all damage taken. (Only applies in Astoltia Defense Force) 1 Buff Book
Gilammagic.jpg You currently have a Gilam Magic effect applied. (Only applies in Banma Tower) 1 Gilam Magic

Negative Status Effects

Icon Description Maximum Stages Source
Attackdown.jpg Reduces attack by 20% per stage. 2 ???
Defensedown.jpg Reduces defense by 20% per stage. 2 ???
Intervalup.jpg Lengthens action interval by 1 second at 1 stage, and 1.5 seconds at 2 stages. 2 ???
Spellpowerdown.jpg Reduces spell power by 50% at 1 stage, and 75% at 2 stages. 2 ???
Spellresistdown.jpg Reduces spell resistance by 40% at 1 stage, and 60% at 2 stages. If a monster uses it against you, it will be 20% at 1 stage and 40% at 2 stages instead. 2 ???
Speeddown.jpg Reduces movement speed. 1 ???
Weightdown.jpg Reduces weight by 50%. 1 ???
Maxhpdown.jpg Reduces maximum HP. 1 ???
Sleep.jpg Fall asleep and become unable to act. Damage taken may break the effect early. 1 ???
Confusion.jpg Become confused and attack enemies and allies randomly. Damage taken may break the effect early. 1 ???
Paralysis.jpg Become paralyzed and become unable to move or act. 1 ???
Dazzled.jpg Reduces the accuracy of physical attacks. 1 ???
Poisoned.jpg A fixed amount of damage is inflicted at a set interval. 1 ???
Charmed.jpg Become charmed and attack allies instead of enemies. 1 ???
Incapacitated.jpg Become incapacitated. Cannot move or act. 1 ???
Cursed.jpg Become cursed. Cannot escape from battle and there is a 50% chance your action will not be executed. Also may decrease your maximum HP, or deal continuous HP/MP damage. 1 ???
Shocked.jpg Deals a percentage of HP damage to you and any nearby allies every 2 seconds. 1 ???
Horrified.jpg Become horrified. Movement speed is slowed. 1 ???
Spellseal.jpg Spells cannot be used. 1 ???
Skillseal.jpg Skills cannot be used. 1 ???
Breathseal.jpg Breath attacks cannot be used. 1 ???
Statuseffectdown.jpg Reduces resistance to harmful status effects. 1 ???
Allresistdown.jpg Reduces resistance to all elemental attributes. 1 Fource Break
Fireresistdown.jpg Reduces resistance to fire-based attacks. 1 ???
Iceresistdown.jpg Reduces resistance to ice-based attacks. 1 ???
Windresistdown.jpg Reduces resistance to wind-based attacks. 1 King Fissure
Lightningresistdown.jpg Reduces resistance to thunder-based attacks. 1 ???
Earthresistdown2.jpg Reduces resistance to earth-based attacks. 1 Magma
Darkresistdown.jpg Reduces resistance to dark-based attacks. 1 ???
Lightresistdown.jpg Reduces resistance to light-based attacks. 1 ???
Damagedealtdown.jpg Reduces damage dealt by 30%. 1 ???
Death.jpg You are dead. Cannot act until revived. If all party members die, the battle ends. 1 -
Defense0.jpg Defense is reduced to 0. 1 ???
Norevive.jpg Cannot be revived by any means. 1 ???
Stone.jpg Turned to stone. Cannot move or act. 1 ???
Physicalnull.jpg Nullifies all physical damage taken. 1 ???
Spellnull.jpg Nullifies all spell damage taken. 1 ???
Allnull.jpg Nullifies all damage taken. 1 ???
Nodamage.jpg Reduces damage dealt, or causes you to be unable to deal any damage at all. (Depends on source) 1 ???
Blackflame.jpg Deals damage to you over time. 1 ???