Configuring Dragon Quest X Settings

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This guide will cover how to access the Dragon Quest X settings menu, as well as providing translated menus for each section.

How can I access the configuration?

There are three ways:

  • By default, the config executable is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\SquareEnix\DRAGON QUEST X\Game\DQXConfig.exe
  • On the launcher, click on the purple Dracky icon on the right.

Launcher config location.png

  • While in game, move your mouse to the top of the screen to make this bar appear and select the bottom option:


Please note that certain options (such as screen resolution) cannot be changed via the config while in game.

English Translated Config

There is an English translated config executable that you can download here. To use it, place the downloaded exe in the "Game" folder in DQX's installation directory. By default, this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\SquareEnix\DRAGON QUEST X\Game. (Make sure to back up the current DQXConfig.exe inside that folder first. Renaming it something like DQXConfig_backup is a suggestion.)

Please note that every time the game updates, it will replace this exe with the original Japanese one, so you will have to re-download and replace this executable again.

If you'd rather not use this executable, continue reading below for assistance with the Japanese version.

Why does the config show "???" for all of the options?

If your computer locale isn't set to Japanese, Windows is unable to interpret the characters displayed in the various menus. Although this isn't an issue, it can make navigating through the menus slightly confusing. Instead of going through the hassle of changing your system locale, you can download a program called Locale Emulator to emulate an application with a specific locale.

Download Locale Emulator and run the LEInstaller.exe executable to install the software. Navigate to the config executable for Dragon Quest X (referenced in the previous section), right-click on it, highlight Locale Emulator and click "Run in Japanese". This will properly show the appropriate glyphs.

Locale emulator.png

Navigating through the Settings wizard

Main Menu

Main settings.png

Environment Settings

Environment settings 1.png Environment settings 2.png Environment settings 3.png

Keyboard Settings

Mouse Settings

Mouse settings 1.png Mouse settings 2.png Mouse settings 3.png

Gamepad Settings

Gamepad settings 1.png Gamepad settings 2.png Gamepad settings 3.png Gamepad settings 4.png

Other Settings

Other settings 1.png Other settings 2.png