Create Character

From Ethene

When you've finished downloading and installing the game, it's time to create your first character! Below are instructions to getting started on setting out on your adventure.

Character Creation

Once you've launched the game, you're presented with the following menu in the upper left:

1 Go on an Adventure
2 New Adventure
3 Erase an Adventure
4 Switch to the retail version
5 Receive a gift
6 Check contract information
7 What if I have a problem?
8 Log out

To get started with creating your character, select the second option (冒険の書をつくる).

From here, you need to select an available save slot. If this is your first character, all three will be available. It doesn't matter which save slot you choose here.

You will now be able to customize the gender and body type of your character.

1 Gender: Female, Body Type: Child
2 Gender: Female, Body Type: Adult
3 Gender: Male, Body Type: Adult
4 Gender: Male, Body Type: Child

Here you will be able to change features about how your character looks.

1 Size
2 Skin Color
3 Hairstyle Type
4 Hairstyle Color
5 Face Type
6 Eye Type
7 Eye Color
8 Name
9 Confirm

All of the options above should be self-explanatory, but for your name, you may want to enter something coherent that makes sense to other Japanese players. You can use a site like this to convert an English name to Japanese, which you can then enter when on the option 8 (Name) screen. Names do not have to be unique, so don't worry about names that could be taken.

Confirm your character. You will now need to create a sibling for your character. The above options are exactly the same here. Go through the character creation process to create your sibling's look and name.

At the end, you will confirm that you want to create your character. Select the first option ("Yes") to proceed.

The next prompt confirms that you're really OK with the name of your character and that subsequent name changes are a paid services. Select the first option ("Yes") to proceed.

You're now logged into your character and ready to get started!