Cursed Crooner

From Ethene
Name Cursed Crooner (タタリ御前)
Lv 70 Weight 306
HP 1379 MP 101
EXP 548 Gold 15
Attack 231 Defense 255
Family Zombie-type
Weaknesses Fire, Thunder
Resistances Ice
Locations Found Sui Shrine, Time Sovereign's Regret
Secret Trivia いけにえに捧げられた者の怨念だとか自分を裏切った男を探しているとかその正体には諸説あるがどれも根拠不足。
Common Loot Narspicious
Rare Loot Savvy Sapphire
Equip Chest Drops Oracle Robe Bottom, Oracle Bracelets
Master Orb Jewels Starting Spooky Aura, Blink of Benediction, Secret of Flowerstorm