Dirty Doll

From Ethene
Name Dirty Doll (ダーティードール)
Lv 87 Weight 355
HP 2819 MP 91
EXP 1361 Gold 13
Attack 358 Defense 356
Family Material-type
Weaknesses Wind, Light
Resistances Darkness
Locations Found True Pyramid, Demon Palace, Valley of Fire, Heavenly Field, Orseco Kingdom Region
Secret Trivia 海水浴に行くたびに見た目と色合いからウニとまちがわれてしまうのが悩みのタネだという。
Common Loot Silkblossom
Rare Loot Evencloth
Equip Chest Drops Sanctum Knife
Master Orb Jewels Ironclad Death Guard, Victory MP Recovery, Secret of Psyche Up 3