Killing Machine

From Dragon Quest X
Killing Machine (キラーマシン)


Lv 67 Family Machine Family
Stamp 0 Crystal Level 70
Exp 516 Gold 15
HP 1352 MP 88
Attack 240 Defense 346
Elemental Resistance Wind (1.1x), Thunder (1.3x), Fire (0.75x), Dark (0.75x) Status Resistance  
Skills   Spells  
Regular Loot Platinum Ore Rare Loot Moonlight Bow book
Gear Drops Master Jewels
Falcon Blade
Falcon Knife
Whimsical Chase
Secret of Frost Fangs
Secret of Conjury Conductor
Ragi Snowfield
Dream Forest
Verse Mountain Forest
T. Melsandy Granary Belt

Monster Companion