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The Lottery Counter function allows you to use lottery tickets you've collected to play the lottery. This lottery functions much like the one in game, but there are a few differences. The first is that there is an exclusive Companion App lottery with unique prizes. The second is that playing the lottery on the app will mainly cost Gems, the app's premium currency.

The first two times you draw the lottery per day have a free gem cost but still consume Lottery Tickets. After that, each additional draw will cost gems. (When a new boss coin releases, there is a campaign to do the 100 Draw for free) Most players will draw from the Companion App lottery every day for the app-exclusive prizes, since these prizes cannot be obtained from the in-game lottery. These prizes can be bought and sold in the Bazaar, and sometimes the newer prizes will fetch a pretty penny. Some prizes will eventually move to the cash shop or the Dream Shard exchange section of the app. They may also be buyable from the Bazaar in game.

Prize rank 4 and below are the same no matter which of the five continents you choose.

The Lottery Counter screen.

Choose Location

Ogreed Continent
The Ogreed lottery's first, second, and third rank prizes consist of the newest, second-newest, and third-newest boss coins, respectively.

When a new boss coin is added to the lottery, the prizes shift down one rank, and the third-newest boss coin leaves the lottery and becomes available to purchase at Coin Shops in game for 60000 Gold.

Dwachakka Continent
The Dwachakka Continent prizes are all fixed, so they are not affected by current market prices. If the market price of prizes from other continents is not much better, you can take advantage of these prizes, as they can be sold directly to NPCs for quick Gold.
Pukuland Continent
The Pukuland Continent prizes change irregularly. They do not change as often as the boss coins in Ogreed.
Eltona Continent
The Eltona Continent 1st prize changes irregularly. Prize ranks 2 and below are recovery items. These recovery items can be created in the Alchemy Pot, and they are not hard to get.
Wena Islands
The Wena Islands prizes are updated a bit less frequently than the Ogreed prizes. On rare occasions, some prizes may be removed and become available at the Mini Medal vendor.
Companion App
There are some prizes that are only obtainable in the companion app and not in game. Instead of a prize, you can sometimes choose Dream Shards or My Town Medals. If you manage to collect 1000 My Town Medals, you can exchange them for a Sealed My Town Deed. By using Gems to draw from the lottery and obtaining My Town Medals, players can receive a Deed in game and sell it on the bazaar for 150 million Gold. However, a large amount of Lottery Tickets and Gems (real money) are needed to do this in any sort of reasonable time or manner.

Pressing camera icons ① to ③ allow you to view in-game images. If it's equipment or a Dolboard skin, you can see a preview of what it looks like in the Fairy Mirror. In addition, you can see other players' Glamour Collections using said equipment, and even copy their collection to your Fairy Mirror.

④ You can choose one rare color flower. These flowers cannot be grown in fields in game and sell for high prices on the bazaar.

⑤⑥ Various tickets, and fireworks that can be exchanged. For more information, please visit the respective pages.

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