From Ethene
Name Merderer (グレイトマーマン)
Lv 112 Weight 950
HP 6112 MP 999
EXP 2055 Gold 30
Attack 512 Defense 342
Family Water-type
Weaknesses Thunder
Resistances Ice
Locations Found Juleida Tower Remains, Nadragram Shrine, Echoing Sea Cave, True Echoing Sea Cave
Secret Trivia 休日は深海の底で水圧に耐えながら素振りをしている。そのストイックな姿勢は全水系モンスターの尊敬の的。
Common Loot Water Sedge
Rare Loot Enchanted Stone
Equip Chest Drops Meteorite Halberd, Danger Lance
Master Orb Jewels Endless Attack Spell Up, Secret of Crack-type, Secret of Uber Multithrust