Metal Rookie Corps

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Metal Rookie Corps is a permanent, in-game event where you have a 100% chance to encounter both Metal Slimes and Liquid Metal Slimes in battle during certain times of the day, which provide ample experience points when defeated. These engagements can only be encountered on servers 9 and 10, which are dedicated to new and returning players. These events are a great way to level up both new and existing vocations while you have access to these servers. It's generally advised to take advantage of these events until about LV40, where the experience gained no longer makes much of an impact.

Note that the metal monsters from this event provide less experience than their normal counterparts seen outside of the event, but still provide players with plenty of experience at low levels.


This event occurs every 2.5 hours for a total length of 30 minutes. For the official schedule, check out the Hiroba website. Times on Hiroba are in JST (Japanese Standard Time).


The following Dracky notice is sent to players logged in 10 minutes before the event starts:

English: Monsters are buzzing on servers 9 and 10!
Japanese: サーバー09と10で モンスターがざわついてる!

Encounter Requirements

  • You must be on one of the maps in Astoltia to engage with the Metal Rookie Corps event
  • This event does not occur while in the Magic Maze, "??? World" or battles with boss monsters
  • You must be LV99 or lower in order to engage with this event
    • If you are in a party with a LV100 or higher, you will not encounter these metal monsters


  • The Metal Rookie Corps event was introduced on October 24, 2019