Origin Vault Panigalm

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Origin Vault Panigalm (or just Panigalm) is battle content where you are sent to a randomly generated maze with the goal of defeating the boss at the end of the maze. This is played in a mixture of solo and party play by alliance matchmaking. The main purpose of Panigalm is to collect Geneseeds, which are used to grow your Goddess Tree for additional character advancement.

See also Abyss Vault Panigalm for its limited time variant.


  • Have been to World Botany Research in Outer Forion (story progression)
  • Level 110+
  • Version 6 registered
  • All of your armor slots (head, chest, legs, gloves, boots) must be equipped
  • If you're a Fortune Teller, you must have a deck equipped

How to start

Head to World Botany Research in Outer Fourion. You can get here by foot or use the Soul Candelabra to zoom to Fourion > World Botany Research if you have it unlocked. Speak to Angel Organo to unlock the ability to enter Panigalm.


Reset happens on the weekly schedule.

You are given a total of 10 explorations of Panigalm each week. Your first exploration each week rewards 1 Rainbow Panigalog. The remaining 9 explorations will reward a Red Panigalog. After 10 explorations, you can continue to explore Panigalm in Simple Exploration Mode, but you will receive significantly reduced rewards.

Entering Panigalm

To enter Panigalm, approach the platform in the middle. You will see the number of explorations you have for the week, whether or not you have collected the Rainbow Panigalog reward and who the boss monster is. Select your only option to proceed.

Time Limit

You have 40 minutes to get to the final room in the maze.

Map System

There are 14 rooms, each in a hexagonal shape, on the map. Out of these 14, you will be able to enter 6 (one room per row). You will want to choose your path based on your overall goal.

Icon Explanation
A room with a Green Panigalog.
A room with a Yellow Panigalog.
A room with a Purple Panigalog.
A room with a Sacred Mark. You can choose 1 of 3 beneficial effects here. The effects are random. You will not be presented with an effect if you already have one active.
A room with both a Yellow Panigalog and a Sacred Mark. Note the blue outline around the hexagon. Any room can have this effect, but the icon here is used as an example.
A room of monsters. If victorious, you will gain an Origin Blessing and a Red Panigalog. You can choose to go in with your existing party or enter matchmaking to create a party of 4 total players.
A room of strong monsters. If victorious, you will gain an Origin Blessing and a Red Panigalog. You must enter matchmaking to create a party of 8 total players. In the event there aren't enough players in matchmaking, you will be paired with AI players.
The strongest monster dwells in this room. Defeating it will allow you to exit. You must enter matchmaking to create a party (alliance) of 12 total players.

Final Boss

A player up against Foldina.

The last boss in the maze is a boss that requires an alliance of 12 players to defeat. The boss to defeat rotates every week and each boss has their own mechanics.

See the table below for a list of potential bosses, their difficulties and what resistances to wear for the greatest success.

Boss Difficulty Suggested Resistances
Origin Bird Almana ★★★ Poison, Dazzle, Knockdown, Wind, Dark
Wyrmhole Dragon Spell, Paralyze, Dark, Thunder
Foldina ★★ Dance, Breath, Dark, Ice, Wind
Iron Giant Daedalmos ★★★★★ Curse, Earth, Light, Fire
Paniga-Catcher ★★★★ Breath, Paralyze, Thunder, Fire
Frooty Dracky ★★★★ Curse, Surprise, Light, Dark, Ice
Demon Star Plutanus ★★★ Wind
Fallen Angel Corvus ★★★★★ Paralyze, Breath, Thunder, Dark

* Bolded resistances are super effective.


Once the final boss has been defeated, interacting with the blue orb to exit will decipher the Panigalogs you accrued during your exploration, presenting you with random rewards based on the log tier you obtained. Make sure to click "Take All" at the end of your run to claim your items! Here is a list of Panigalogs and their potential rewards:

Reward screen after defeating the final boss.
Panigalog Color Rewards
  • 20x Geneseeds
  • 3x Geneseeds
  • 1-2 Geneseeds
  • 1x, 3x, or 5x of one of the 3 newest Alchemy Gem types
  • 3x Dream Accessory Box
  • My Town Medal
  • 1x Killer Tomato Seed
  • 1x Super Treasure Seed

In Simple Exploration:

  • 1x Single Phial
  • Substitution Coin
  • Metal Maze Ticket
  • Metal King Ticket
  • Metal Ticket
  • 1-3x EXP Scripture
  • 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x or 20x Lottery Tickets

In Simple Exploration:

  • Experience Scroll S
  • 1x Golden Petal
  • Gold Bar
  • Gold Nugget

In Simple Exploration:

  • Lottery Coupon


As the primary purpose of Panigalm is to gather as many Geneseeds as you can each week, the optimal method to gathering Geneseeds would be gather as many Red Panigalogs as possible as they reward 3 guaranteed Geneseeds per decipher. This means you will want to create a path that passes through as many monster rooms as possible. If you have to make a decision on a non-monster room, Purple Panigalogs would be your next target as there is a chance to receive 1-2 Geneseeds per turn in.

This makes the hexagon priority: Red > Purple > Sacred Mark > Green > Yellow

You want to prioritize Sacred Marks over the remaining to help defeat the final boss.


  • Sapphire Alchemy Gems have been added as a reward from Purple Panigalogs as of v7.0
  • Rainbow Alchemy Gems have been removed as a reward from Purple Panigalogs as of v7.0