Quest 5

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Caring Aunt's Plan (世話焼きオバサンの計画)
Location Town of Agrani (Upper) (アグラニの町・上層) (B5)
Starting NPC Sahoho (サホホ)
Description -
Requirements None 
Initial Reward Emote "Dwarf Greeting" (ドワーフのあいさつ)
Replay Reward Single Phial (まほうの小ビン)
EXP/Fame 24P/9P
Replay EXP/Fame 6P/0P
Previous Quest None Next Quest None


NOTE: This quest cannot be cleared by Trial Players

  • Do any emote in front of Sahoho (サホホ). Hold B to open your Frequent Phrases list, and by default your emote list will be listed at the top of page 4.
  • Go to Agrani's Lower Area (下層) at C7 and in front of Uura (ウウラ) say "おめでとーん!"(omedeto-n!) in nearby chat (white chatbox).
  • Talk to Sahoho afterwards to clear the quest.