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This game offers a free trial mode for anyone who wants to try the game out before buying it and paying the sub. There is no time limit for how much you can play, however there are some restrictions.

IMPORTANT: Anyone living outside of the United States or Japan will need to use a VPN to be able to access the DQX servers. A guide to setting up a VPN can be found here.

How to play the Free Trial


Downloading the Game

  • Download the game from the official site. This download will be slow if you don't reside in Japan (patching can take 3-4+ hours), but is the official method to installing the game.


There are a few different ways that you can play the game:

> Create a Japanese Square Enix account and then go here and select the top option to login to your Japanese account, or the bottom option to make one. Afterwards, the free trial will be registered on the account and you can then login on the launcher to play.
First time users on PC will need to use the wide, tan button on the bottom left to "Register a Player" to register your account to launcher. After that, you can launch Dragon Quest X by logging into your Japanese Square Enix account normally.

> Alternatively, you can begin to Play using the "Easy Play"(かんたんプレイ) option. This will allow you to play without the need to create an account, with an option allowing you to link to an account at a later date. The save data is kept on your computer though, so if you lose those files in your Documents folder, that character is gone.

If you decide to register for an account after creating a character with "Easy Play", click the blue button in the above screenshot (スクウェア · エニックス アカウント 新規 登録). This will open up your browser with a single "OK" button. Click it and fill out your new account details.

You will be asked to verify your email. Get the code from your e-mail and paste it into this screen.

Click OK and your account has been registered!


1. First, create a Japanese Nintendo account by going here. When creating it, make sure to set the country of residence to "Japan".

2. Next, create a new user on your Switch and link the Japanese Nintendo account to it. This will give you access to the Japanese eShop.

3. Open the eShop and select your Japanese profile. When in the eShop, select the top-most option on the left bar with the magnifying glass. Select the search box and search for 'X'.

4. Scroll down a bit, and you'll see ドラゴンクエストX オンライン. Select it, and on the right side of the screen is a button you can press to begin the download.

5. Once the download finishes, open the game and the launcher will appear.

6. You can play the game with a Square Enix account that you create, or with "Easy Play". With Easy Play, you can play without an account. However, if you delete the save data from your Switch, you will lose your character data. You can link Easy Play data to a Square Enix account later, and you will need to if you decide later you want to play the game on multiple platforms. If you want to play with just Easy Play for now, you can stop here. To link an account, continue following this guide.

7. Create a Square Enix account by going to here. Click "Register for a Square Enix Account" and when the account creation page loads, change the country to Japan.

8. You'll now create your account, but the page will be in Japanese. The order of details are: Square Enix ID, password, confirm password, e-mail address, and birthday. Make sure your information is correct!

9. You'll be brought to a page to enter a verification code. Check the e-mail you just registered to your account. The e-mail will be in Japanese, but you should be able to locate the code in the email as its a long string of random numbers and letters. Enter the code, and press the button at the bottom to verify your account.

10. Now you can go back to DQX. To create a new DQX account with a Square Enix account, select the large yellow button on the left side of the launcher.

11. You will see two blue buttons. The left button is if you already have a Square Enix account. The right button is if you do not have one. Since you already have a Square Enix account, click the left button.

12. Enter in your Square Enix ID and password. You'll be brought to a screen with 2 buttons. The top button asks for a registration code. Since you're a trial player, you can press the bottom button to skip this step.

13. Your account is successfully linked and the game will launch! Have fun!


Trial Restrictions

  • You are able to proceed through every story scene and engage in most content up until the end of patch 2.3. There is a certain door after the climax of the 2.3 arc that Free Trial players cannot open to progress the story.
  • Vocation level is capped at 80.
  • Crafting level is capped at 9.
  • Vocations that were added past version 2 cannot be unlocked (Dancer, Fortune Teller, Druid, Gadabout, Death Master, Demon Swordsman, Pirate, Guardian)
  • Special Training Stamps cannot be obtained.
  • Master Orb is unavailable. (Jewels will also not drop)
  • Traveler's Bazaar (Auction House/Market Board) is unavailable.
  • Sending mail is unavailable. (You're still able to receive mail from other players/NPCs)
  • Trading with other players is unavailable.
  • In the Casino, Sugoroku, Slime Race, and the 3rd floor VIP room are unavailable.
  • Can only purchase Small-sized housing land once it's at the minimum price. (10000 G)
  • Purchasing a My Town is unavailable.
  • Cannot exchange Energy Charge (元気チャージ) for specific items: Bonus Orb L (超元気玉), Stamp Orb (特訓元気玉), Metal Maze Ticket (メタル迷宮招待券), Express Metal Ticket (特急メタル招待券) or Zelmea Crest. (ゼルメアの聖紋)
  • Changing a monster companion's name is unavailable.
  • Changing the name of a certain other companion is unavailable.
  • Nearby Chat (White Chat) is unavailable.
  • Registering or editing new lines in the frequent phrases menu is unavailable.
  • Registering or editing the memo pad is unavailable.
  • Yellow Diary rewards only go up to 19. After hitting this limit, you will get an annoying message every time you talk to a yellow-named NPC.
  • The Sweat & Tears Gems (汗と涙の結晶) function at material shops is unavailable.
  • Certain quests cannot be cleared and/or accepted, including the bank expansion, all quests that require saying a phrase in nearby chat, and quests relating to restricted features.