Quest 038

From Ethene

A Full-Fledged Weaponsmith

At the Weaponsmith's Guild in Glen Castle, Master Rasedo gave us a test to become a full-fledged craftman. He said I could pass the test by making a 1-star or better saber for his son as a birthday present and giving it to him brand new.

  • Our guildmaster's son's birthday is coming up and, just like anyone, is requesting the guild to make a weapon to gift him.
  • The target is the level 9 craft, under the Sword category. The quest asks for a "Three-Horse Saber", though the translation may be Bandit Blade. The description of the weapon, at least, helpfully mentions saber and of course the image is a classic saber.
  • Create a 1-star or better Bandit Blade and then give it to Rasedo, the Weaponsmith Guildmaster.
  • Importantly, only complete this quest if you are certain you'd like to stick to being a Weaponsmith for the time being, since this is choice that is relatively costly to change.

Your reward is an Iron Hammer, 34 Fame, and the ability to ascend to Level 11 Weaponsmithing, up to 30. Nice!