Quest 097

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Holy Messenger Chamimi

Quest 097 - Those Who Aim High (高みを目指す者)

Location - Sunset meadow, Eltona Continent (落陽の草原) [B8]
NPC - Holy Messenger Chamimi (聖使者チャミミ)
Requirement - Level 46+
Initial Reward - Level cap unlock 55+
Replay Reward - 1 Urbea gold coin
EXP/Fame - 12360/103 Replay EXP: 3090
  • Talk to the Holy Messenger Chamimi (聖使者チャミミ) when level 46 or above to accept this quest.
  • They will ask you to defeat either a Skeleton Soldier (しりょうのきし) or a Bomboulder (メガザルロック) to get the Goddess Yellow Jadeite (女神の黄玉石).
The Skeleton Soldiers are much easier to beat so its recommended to defeat those. They can be found in The Cursed Earth (呪われた大地) just west of the quest location.
A Skeleton Soldier
  • After collecting the Goddess Yellow Jadeite, return to Chamimi to recieve a cutscene and complete the quest.
After completing a Level Cap quest the NPC will tell you where the next one is. They're usually by the large rivers of light.